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My Services


My Approach to Your Custom Project

It’s truly a pleasure to create custom mural projects. Client involvement is critical. Some of my clients come to me with magazine clippings, vacation photos, song lyrics, greeting cards, even painted dinnerware that they’ve been inspired by!

“Nobody knows about inspiration, where it may hide or it’s destination.” -Maria McKee

Price quotes include all labor and materials. Each job is quoted individually. Hand-painted mural work is charged by the square foot. There are many factors in determining the exact price. I will always give a price quote before beginning each project.

There may be extra charges for the following:

  • Work done on a ladder or scaffold; or likewise work which requires special equipment or working in precarious positions to complete
  • Limitations in your schedule which allow me to only work a few hours each day or night
  • Travel expenses (for murals which require overnight accommodations or excessive driving)
  • Extreme detail or complexity of the design
  • Additions made to the mural which are above and beyond the agreed price quote or require extra visits


There will be a $50 non-refundable consultation fee for on-location meetings. If you would like me to design a custom mural for your home or business, a Design Fee of at least $150 is collected. This fee covers the design process, which includes gathering reference material and executing preliminary drawings and paintings. Changes are made, and agreed upon, prior to commencement of the actual mural. If the changes requested are excessive, or an entirely different concept is requested, additional design charges may apply.

Should you decide to proceed with the mural, the Design Fee will go towards the purchase of the mural. If, after the design process is complete, you decide to either cancel (or postpone indefinitely) the mural work, the Design Fee will not be refunded. Payment of the consultation fee is payable at our initial meeting. The Design Fee is collected prior to the design of the mural. If for any reason I need to cancel or postpone indefinitely the mural work, the design fee will be refunded in its entirety. Sample boards and sketches always remain in my possession.

Once the preliminary drawings or paintings are agreed upon, you will be given a price quote for completion of the project. One-half of the quoted price is due upon commencement of the project. The balance will be collected immediately upon completion of the mural, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Your satisfaction with the project, from beginning to end, is always my deliberate intention and focus. I am attentive to detail, which shows in my paintings, but also in my collaboration with clients. It is my utmost concern that you are pleased with the result of our working together. I have many happy clients who would be willing to speak with you to offer their thoughts about their experience.