When my dear friend Julia approached me to illustrate a Save The Date card for her upcoming wedding to Thomas, I was thrilled. They envisioned a design that encapsulated their love story and personal touches, from sentimental flowers to their beloved dog. Here’s a glimpse into the creative process behind this special project.

Hand-Painted Hydrangeas, Roses, and Greenery

Julia and Thomas had a clear vision for their Save The Date card. Julia, with her keen eye for detail, chose the colors and style: a soft palette featuring hydrangeas, white roses, and assorted greenery. She asked me to incorporate each of their initials into a monogram which would act to the anchor the main design. I used watercolors and set to work creating a multitude of original botanical paintings. Each petal and leaf were hand-painted with care, capturing the delicate essence of their chosen flowers.


Incorporating Their Adorable Dog

No love story is complete without including the furry members of the family. Julia and Thomas wanted their adorable dog to be part of the design. I crafted a portrait of their pup, based on photos Julia sent via email, ensuring it blended seamlessly with the floral elements. This personal touch added a heartwarming and unique aspect to their Save The Date card and wedding invites.

Bringing It All Together in Photoshop

With the illustrations ready, I moved on to the digital phase. Using Photoshop, I meticulously cut out each element digitally, saving them each as individual files. This allowed me to arrange and rearrange the hydrangeas, roses, greenery until they formed a harmonious composition.

Designing the Card and Wedding Website

Once the design was finalized, it was time to integrate these elements throughout the card. The soft colors and hand-painted illustrations provided a cohesive and elegant look. But the design didn’t stop there. The theme extended to their wedding website, which Thomas developed using the digital files I created from the illustrations, ensuring a seamless visual experience for their guests.

A Happy Couple

The final result was a Save The Date card and custom wedding invitation package that perfectly captured Julia and Thomas’s vision. They were overjoyed with how the illustrations and design came together, creating a memorable keepsake for their special day. They even transferred their “crest” that we designed together to custom-created cornhole boards for wedding-weekend entertaining! Their happiness was the ultimate reward, making this project a truly fulfilling experience. Creating these cards was more than just a design task for me; it’s about telling this special couple’s unique story through art. Julia and Thomas’s project allowed me to blend my love for painting with digital design, resulting in a piece that celebrates their journey together.