Yesterday, I finished and delivered a hand-painted sign for my dear friend Erin who has aReiki and wellness studio in her home. She needed a way for her clients to be able to find the door to her studio, especially since the studio is adjacent to her home’s main living space, but has a separate exterior door. She did not want a permanent sign, she only wanted it to be displayed when she was expecting a client for a session.

Here is the sign on my workbench, as I was just finishing it up.

The solution we arrived at was to make a removable sign for her studio door. I hand-painted her logo (my design) onto a piece of board, 14” square. After the sign was painted, I added eye screws to the top of the wooden sign. The eyes then slide onto suction hooks. The sign is then attached to the door’s window using the suction cups.

The sign can be hung up when clients are expected. It shows them which door to go in!

The sign was given a coat of Minwax Poly-Crylic, which will protect it from the elements. However, it will not be outside for long periods; only when she has a scheduled client arriving.

This is me on the right, and on the left is my daughter and her best friend (who is also Erin’s niece!). Please excuse the semi-sarcastic look on my face! Erin decided to take the picture rather than be IN the picture which I would have preferred! In her defense, I kind of surprised her with the delivery. I will get her next time!

Signs solve problems like where to go, what to do, and how to do it. They deliver important information. I am going to go one step further, and say that I believe a quality sign may actually make your customers feel welcome, and that you care about them.

I also believe that there is a level of professionalism achieved when the signs in your business are well designed and crafted; whether the signs themselves are handmade or professionally printed.

Here are some other sign projects I’ve done in the past.

This is a clever take on an “OPEN” sign for Via Girasole and Pittsford Wines, in Shoen Place, Pittsford NY. I custom-designed and hand-painted this sign to reflect the character of both shops, and the types of items they sell. For instance, the “P” is a vine of olive branches because the shop sells many varieties of olive oils.
The owner of this cafe was told by the Town that she could not place a sign by the road; so her “sweet solution” was to hire me to paint a mural on the side of her building, which can be seen from many angles as you approach the cafe! This hand-painted mural is located in Ionia, NY.

Here is a Pinterest board I’ve started that is all about hand-painted signs. I have always really loved the “look” of them. I always stop to admire hand-painted signage, and even have some vintage ones hanging in my home. This Pinterest board contains mostly photos of signs I have found online done by other artists.

If you have the need for some snazzy signs for your space, send me a …s’note!