So the Tiny Studio got some big excitement a couple of weeks ago! I had the delightful pleasure of hosting Jo Packham and Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon, who shot photos of me and my studio for a magazine called Where Women Create. Allow me to introduce them to you!

Where Women Create studio photo shoot

Jo Packham, me, and Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon

Jo Packham is an author, publisher, entrepreneur and artist. She is not only a powerhouse in the art and craft, and how-to book publishing industry (over 1,000 titles to her credit), but in the past few years has added two very innovative and successful magazines to her repertoire. These magazines are called Where Women Create and Where Women Cook. The focus of these magazines is to highlight women – working, cooking, creating – in spaces that uniquely reflect their creativity and personality. There has also been an unbelievably supportive network which has evolved, from the magazine’s loyal followers. Jo also created the event I attended in September, the Creative Connection Event, which I blogged about here. She has so much energy! And yet… it’s usually directed at lifting other people’s spirits…

Where Women Create studio photo shoot

Pick up the most recent issues locally at Barnes & Noble, Michael’s, JoAnn’s, and A.C. Moore.

Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon is an artist; an incredibly talented photographer, who joined Jo on her trip here to the Finger Lakes. Tiffany happens to be The Fancy Farmgirl. So, you know right from the get-go that this woman is extraordinary! She lights up a room with her personality! And truly, she’s got the talent to back it up. Tiffany has an impressive commercial/editorial photography resume, and she can also rock out amazing portraits. Yet, you’ll never meet someone more genuine, humble and down to earth. She’s truly a pleasure to work with! (There was some discussion of future adventures between Tiffany & I… once we discovered our mutual love for scavenging {heavy? rusty? underappreciated?} treasures from barn sales. Stay tuned for future blog posts!)

Where Women Create studio photo shoot

The Tiny Studio looking pretty spiffy. This is my snapshot; Tiffany’s photos are SO much more professional!

I was introduced to Jo through my friend and fellow artist, Nancy Wiley. Nancy and I became fast friends a few years ago by being artists ~ living and working (and having studios) in the same community. Nancy’s previous studio had been published in the book Where Women Create, the book that was the flagship for the magazines. Nancy and I are not only friends and colleagues, but I am also a huge admirer of her work. Suffice it to say that there is no shortage of superlatives one can use to describe Nancy’s innovative style of illustration and approach to sculpture. But ~ she hates it when I gush about her, so I will direct you to her web site where you can oooh and ahhh, and I won’t get in trouble for embarrassing her. :)

The photo shoot itself was exciting, and I learned a lot in the process! I can’t wait to show you more of my studio, but you’ll have to buy the magazine issue when it is published which will be sometime next year! :) It is truly magic the way Tiffany captured the Tiny Studio’s personality. I was truly moved when I got a sneak peek at the results.

Local friends will be pleased to know that when Jo & Tiffany arrived in town, we were able to show off some of our beautiful area… we dined overlooking Canandaigua Lake and took a brief tour through the NY Wine & Culinary Center. Jo sure got an earful about how much we love our Wegman’s, but I’m not sure they ever made it to one…? Funny how we consider it one of the “attractions” here!

My daughter Paige, who is 9, also got to meet this ultra-creative Dreamteam. (I designated the day, “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”.) She was truly inspired by the whole experience!

Incidentally, Paige has to write a story each week for her spelling lesson, incorporating at least five of that week’s spelling words. This is a story she wrote recently, which sums up my post pretty well:

Where Women Create studio photo shoot

Paige’s spelling homework, in which the Tiny Studio makes a cameo appearance.

Here’s what she wrote. The spelling words she used are underlined.

“Whenever I am bored or my brother is being very obnoxious, I go to my mom’s studio. I take my homework and my coat if it is cold outside. It is so peaceful in there. I even have my own spot in my mom’s studio to work. I walk in through the big blue door and plop my stuff in my chair. It is socolorful with the big cheerful mural on the ceiling. It looks really friendly with all the bright colors.”