Local Artist Illustrates Canandaigua History in Mural

Local artist Amy Colburn has been recently commissioned to paint a rendition of the old Canandaigua train depot, circa 1916, when it was bustling with activity. The mural, which is being funded by private donors, is approximately 658 square feet and spans two exterior walls of Murphy’s Tire Service on Niagara Street in downtown Canandaigua. The painting will illustrate a locomotive, several travelers and a glimpse of The Canandaigua Hotel, which is no longer in existence. Two weeks into the project, Colburn paints almost every day and will continue through the end of October.

Artist Amy Colburn painting historical mural in downtown Canandaigua

The painting is just one development that is part of a larger initiative to preserve, restore and beautify historical Canandaigua. The plans also include landscaping along the walking/biking trail that connects to the Ontario Pathways Trail, which runs adjacent to the railroad and the northwest facing wall of the mural. A new bike rack, which resembles a train, is now already in place for the community to enjoy.

“I am thrilled to see how much the local community has embraced this project. They seem to be really uplifted by the prospect of this area being revitalized by a mural” comments Colburn, who is frequently approached by curious onlookers. “I also think that highlighting an area’s historical significance naturally generates pride in the community. There is a tremendous amount of positive energy from everyone here. I am delighted to have the opportunity to be painting this mural in Downtown Canandaigua. ”

Colburn, who is a lifelong Finger Lakes resident, is sole owner and artist of Amy E. Colburn, Illustration. She graduated from the University of Dayton, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Major in Visual Communication Design with a concentration in illustration in 1993. Her custom-created designs and hand-painted murals can be found in businesses and residences across the Finger Lakes area and Rochester, NY. Historic rendering such as the train depot is just one depiction of Colburn’s artistic spectrum. Her range of projects include a breadth of themes such as nature, wine/grapes, Victorian and European inspired, children’s and a host of others. She also sells canvas paintings in both acrylic and oil. Wegmans Food Markets, Mackenzies gift shop in Palmyra NY and Pittsford Pediatrics are among her list of clients.